Anderson L. Amaral

AI Product Strategist & Technologist

In Anderson’s career, he has held leadership roles as Head of Data and Credit Engine at major fintech companies like Stoneco (Nasdaq: STNE) and Picpay, and he also ventured into entrepreneurship. Now, he is a co-founder of a stealth mode AI startup, where he leads a diverse and expert team in creating innovative and scalable AI products for various domains. He has more than 26 years of coding experience and 15 years of building and managing data teams, and transforming companies into data-driven environments. He is also a Top Rated Plus freelancer on Upwork, a badge that he earned in the last 24 months, coding as a hobby, and demonstrating excellence in machine learning and AI. His passion is to leverage data science, data mining, data analysis, credit modeling, fraud prevention, LLMs chatbots, and AI advisory skills to solve complex and impactful problems.