Chris Hood

Founder and CEO at Synsible AI

Chris Hood is a seasoned strategist and entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in business, digital marketing, and AI innovation. His journey began in 1988 when he worked at a computer store, sparking a lifelong passion for technology. Over the years, Chris has advised over 500 companies, contributing to a combined growth of over $26 billion in revenue for renowned brands such as Doritos, Reebok, Columbia Pictures, NBC, and more. A pioneer in the digital realm before it became mainstream, Chris bridged the gap between business and technology, acting as a translator and creating entertainment platforms. Currently hosting the Chris Hood Digital Show and Google’s Digital Show with over 4 million listeners worldwide, Chris is also the founder of, a startup specializing in AI consulting and integration. His expertise lies in customer transformation strategies, AI challenges, and human-AI collaboration, making him a sought-after voice in the industry.

Chris Hood
Podcast Ep 14
With Chris Hood- Founder and CEO at Synsible AI
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