Ratnadeep Bhattacharjee

Co-Founder of TechVariable

Ratnadeep Bhattacharjee, the co-founder of TechVariable, has emerged as a visionary leader in the tech industry, championing the cause of data readiness for organizational success. In a compelling episode titled “Future Proofing Tech: Is your organization data ready?” alongside host Ryan Davies, Director of Marketing at Ekwa.Tech, Ratnadeep explores the pivotal role of data maturity and challenges in quantifying returns on data initiatives and dispels the misconception that only tech teams contribute to a data-driven culture. His insights underscore the critical need for a robust data infrastructure, and he introduces Tech Variable’s cutting-edge AI-driven tool, WordWise, designed to simplify data insights and empower organizations on their journey toward a data-centric future. Ratnadeep’s forward-thinking approach positions him as a key influencer, shaping the landscape of tech with a focus on leveraging data as a strategic asset for sustainable growth.

Podcast Ep 13
With Ratnadeep Bhattacharjee - Co-Founder of TechVariable
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